Asset management with RFID

Introduction of the client

The client is a leading newspaper company which publishes a number of national newspapers and magazines in Sri Lanka. They also provide popular online news and a very powerful advertising solutions through numerous media channels. Company’s clients are served through a network consists of a large number of branches and dealer outlets.


  • Hard to track the assets
  • Unauthorized access
  • Mixed up with different models and types
  • Not knowing who made change to which asset
  • Not having clear records on available stock count
  • Not having real time information on available assets
  • Manual data entry errors
  • Maintenance details are not properly recorded
  • Not having clear records on usage of assets

OCTO ERP can help you to streamline your operations

OCTO Cloud ERP by Flatorb is built to support RFID, NFC and barcodes in addition to number of other different modules required to run any kind of a business operation smoothly. It was awarded the most innovative local product at the Techno 2015.

The client was introduced to OCTO Cloud ERP by Flatorb for asset management, human resources module to be used with RFID technology.

Each and every asset to be tagged with RFID stickers which would contain information such as the asset type, history, availability, maintenance details etc. Fixed RFID readers are to be used for vehicle and driver verification along with bulk counting of the boxes.

How OCTO will help the client

  • Track assets using RFID technology to answer the questions when, where, with whom etc.
  • Monitor assets over a large area
  • Reports will display the issued item list, daily stock count etc.
  • Assets categorizations for efficient operations
  • Availability of maintenance and history logs
  • Avoid the data redundancy
  • Having clear records on assets used for events
  • Helps to carry out stock audits easily and without spending much time.

OCTO ERP by Flatorb introduces a set of powerful technologies to track your assets easily and run your business more smoothly. It addresses all the fundamental requirements for a better asset management system including asset profiles, transfers, consignments, audits and maintenance, allowing your company have more control with regard to the assets.

Come talk to us on how asset management of OCTO ERP can help your business to streamline your assets. Contact us on 0115990501 or email on for more details.

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