When, where and what

Whether its tools or tables, effectively track your assets regardless of what they are and how often they move. OCTO allows you to track all of your assets using Barcodes, RFID, or manual data entry.

  • Manage contact list and individual customer information
  • Customer group management
  • Customer document management
  • Lead generation

Maintenance and Repairs

Equipment breaks down and machines stop working. You should have a proper maintenance process to track the damaged assets and get them quickly into the business process. Having an organized way will keep an eye on your assets will prevent the need for emergency repairs.

  •  Tracking asset condition and maintenance
  •  Accurate picture of your fixed assets
  •  Update records with the asset history
  • Smooth process of having the asset back in the operation
  • Provide alerts on maintenance schedule

Depreciation and Finance

You can properly depreciate assets over their useful life and relevant accounting principles. We provide compliant finance principle according to general or company specific standards.

  • Alerts on the due time for depreciation
  • Depreciation according to your standards
  • provide customized reports

Warranty and Insurance

Every asset  has its own warranty with its own specific terms. Getting out of track of the warranty means you have already lost both the warranty fee and supplier’s covering repairs. OCTO allows these information to remain easily accessible right on your computer screen keep track of those.

  • Automatically identify and manage your warranties
  • Receive warranty expiration alerts
  • Extend warranty information
  • Alerts on insurance updates
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