OCTO ERP has barcode tracking built in as a standard feature allowing you to track and get more accurate information fast with less human effort. Our barcode system is optimized to reduce human errors that occurs in more common software systems and to bring you accurate information fast.


Customize the tracking the exact way you want to do with just a few clicks.

  • Ability track your products individually with serial numbers
  • Ability to track products in bulk with common barcode for the product
  • Use existing barcodes of the product including data bars

Raw material tracking

OCTO ERP barcoding is capable of tracking your raw material inventory from the point of placing a purchase order to the point of issuing for production. Here’s what our barcode tracking system can do:

  • You can create a purchase order and send it to your vendor. Purchase order has a unique barcode to track.
  • The vendor can ship goods to you along with a copy of the P/O. If there are multiple shipments for a P/O, the vendor can login to the system and create multiple packing lists with barcodes.
  • At the point of arrival of goods if weigh-slips are used, weigh slips can be created against the P/O and/or packing list
  • Items can be barcoded and received at raw-material warehouse
  • When issuing for production, raw material can be assigned to a production order and dispatch using the barcode

Production tracking

Barcodes is a low cost yet high efficient way to track production in most processes. Here are some of the things that can be done with our barcode production tracking system:

  • Monitor production progress
  • Monitor production throughput
  • Damaged and defect tracking
  • Industrial barcode readers that can be fixed on to the conveyors for automated scanning

Finished goods tracking

OCTO ERP supports finished goods barcoding as a standard feature. The produced finished goods can be batch numbered based on the production orders, encode other additional information such as expiration date, serial number, etc.

  • Automatically generate batch numbers and serial numbers based on production orders
  • Track finished goods warehouse and transferred
  • Facilitate sales orders with product availability
  • Higher order fulfillment accuracy

Distribution, Shelf-life and Sales tracking

OCTO barcode system is optimized to monitor the distribution, shelf-life, and the sales of your products, without any additional steps for your existing workflow, at most-times even reducing the amount of work you already perform.


Warranty management and support services

Manage your product warranty and quality better with OCTO barcodes. Extract production or product faults beforehand with projections based on batches, machinery used, regions, and so much more.

Customized applications

We understand that the requirements of your organization can be unique and we are here to help to address your exact requirement. If you need a custom feature or an improvement, let us know and we will have it developed. In most cases, this is done completely free of charge.

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