Case Study – OCTO ERP for Gems and Jewelry Manufacturer

Introduction of the client

The client is leading company among the chain of the largest suppliers of calibrated sapphires and gem embedded jewelry in Sri Lanka. They have expanded their market to both local and foreign customers by establishing branches in several cities of Sri Lanka

Current Issues

  • Inefficient inter-relationships among branches
  • Not knowing details of customers
  •  Inefficient customer communication
  • Manual data records
  • No proper track record of sales
  • Sales without proper approval
  • Stock issues
  • Mixed up product information

The Solution

The company required an integrated system where all the sales, products, customer, marketing, finance and warehouse transactions can be tracked in an effective and efficient manner with more transparency.

The client was introduced to OCTO ERP ioT based cloud platform in order to automate their whole operational process. Every raw material, product and asset item was tagged with RFID tags which comprise all the relevant fields of a particular product.

OCTO ERP provides the client

  • Real time stock reports
  • Auto generated emails and SMS’s for sale approvals
  • Product information and availability
  • Tracking items from manufacturing to sales
  • Stock management at each individual branch
  • Customer management and lead generation
  • Staff tracking
  • Workflow management
  • Shelf life of products

Flatorb provides OCTO cloud based ERP system as a completely integrated system consists of all the required modules addressing the exact requirement of the client. OCTO consists of a non-complex setting up process with the technologies, such as RFID and barcodes that collect a wide range of data.

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