Count, Trace, Track and Audit your Assets

In a corporate world it is important to know where each and every item is. Starting from how many items to, where they are exactly to who owns and use it. These inputs are important to manage your assets within an organization effectively.

This is where OCTO asset management by Flatorb would come in handy. We are on the cloud. Which means no software installations. You can access your assets information from anywhere anytime. We use multiple technologies such as barcode and RFID to track items.

We will attach a RFID tag or a barcode sticker on each of the items and then scan them using the reader to get a real time count. It will show you exactly how many assets are there at a given time and which divisions are using which items. To run an audit it would not take much time. If you use RFID it will be as quick as just seconds to read multiple items.

Our OCTO ERP’s Asset management module is capable of providing:

  • Real time asset tracking
  • Maintenance and warranty management
  • Custodial reports
  • Asset audits
  • Discrepancy and missing items reports

Contact us on 0115 990501 (Sri Lanka) or to find more details on how to set up asset tracking module to your organization for a smoother operation.

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