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Do you know if you have enough raw material to manufacture X number of products or how many products you can make from what you have? With Hello ERP it’s only 1 click.

  • Raw material stock monitoring and management
  • Reserve raw material to be used for a planned production
  • Analyze suppliers and re-order with purchase orders
  • Stock audits and discrepancy management

GPS tracking

View the route of your transportation vehicles and get confirmed that the stock is delivered or picked up at the right location at right time. If you have a good fleet management system based on GPS tracking , you can easily accomplish this task.

  • Monitor vehicle behavior on real time
  • Reduce mileage
  • Alarms when getting out of the rout


Maintenance is a key factor with regard to a fleet management system. A vehicle that is not properly maintained may cause for a risk to the driver and for a the inefficiency in the entire system.

  • Alerts when maintenance is required
  • Minimize break downs
  • Assure the safety of driver
  • Review of the maintenance history
  • Automatically updates with vendor database

External Fleet

By having a well organized fleet management system you can have a smooth external fleet operation. You will have a great deal of actions to reduce mileage and save fuel.

  • Optimized routes
  • Reduced fuel cost
  • Avoid traffic
  • Tracking diver behaviour
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