Build customer loyalty

Gamification can be hugely influential for increasing engagement and creating a community around your product. To be successful, your brand need to capture customers, retain their interest and provide them.

  • A large number of audience
  • Well organized marketing campaign
  • Boost revenue
  • Influence the users to get connected with you
  • Social media based reward programs

Reward employees

You can reward your employees based on several factors like time taken to resolve tasks, success-failure rates and customer satisfaction. This will assist you both in improving and monitoring your team member’s performance.

  • Rewards based on performance
  • Track the change of your employee behavior
  • Provides training and learning
  • Reward compliant sales performance
  • Improve collaboration among team members

Deeper product awareness

OCTO gamification software can be used for product awareness of any kind of startups, mid size or large companies. Come up with a winning product that provides customer a great experience.

  • Provide customer loyalty programs
  • Integrate with social media network
  • Different promotional campaigns
  • Capture the target market

Making it fun

Automate data collection with RFID and Barcodes. Hello ERP supports both RFID and Barcode based production tracking out-of-the-box. Talk to our experts for implementation instructions and compatible equipment.

  • Count and track at various stages of production process
  • Supports high speed production lines
  • Easily attachable for conveyor belts
  • Support from experienced engineers
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