Employee information

Eliminate your existing messy and disconnected components of your human resource management system. We reduce the need for paper works on employee information. OCTO keeps all of the information very organized and easy to access in a user friendly manner.

  • Cluster employee information on one profile
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • An easy schedule mechanism
  • easy and efficient employee monitoring

Leave management

Are you confused with the your employees’ leave details and hard to manage them?  High time to tie up with OCTO which records all the leave details and make it easier for you to monitor employee leaves.

  • Leave details on employee profile
  • Manage absence
  • Notifications on variances from standard leave amount

Appraisals and evaluations

Helps to monitor the progress of each and develop quality practices by appreciating good work. Appraise the best employees and give rewards they deserve.View each and every employee’s performance separately to evaluate them.

  • Review of each employee’s performance
  • Plan appraising schedules
  • Evaluate employees
  • Organize training programs

Timesheet management

Schedule staff across departments, locations and projects.Provide alerts on schedule change and when staffing levels are inadequate.

  • Separate time sheet for each employee
  • Monitor the line of work
  • Provide rule-based mechanisms
  • Alerts and notifications on variances
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