OCTO ERP Gem and Jewellry management system is designed to address challenges faced by Gem and Jewellry retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers. Our system have reinvented the stock counting and management, audits, security, marketing and user experience.

  • Easily track large quantities of small yet high value items with the use of RFID and barcode enabled automated tracking technology
  • Reduce time consumed to perform stock audits and increase audit accuracy
  • Detailed history records with tracking features to locate and mitigate discrepancies
  • Minimize and eliminate human errors
  • In-depth insights and resources to increase your business productivity and sales


With the use of OCTO Jewelry management system with RFID you can uniquely identify each and every item in the store by tagging it with Jewelry RFID tag. This RFID tag contains all the information that is there on the traditional paper tag. The advantage is that once you start scanning the items, you can verify up to 5,000 items within 1 minute.

Traditional information such as logo, serial number, and product name, can still be printed on the RFID sticker just like it used to be in the good old days.


  • Total inventory count and stock audits can be performed in few minutes
  • Elimination of human errors
  • Reduction of labour cost and better utilisation of resources
  • Personalized shopping experience as it keep records of customers previous purchases and his interested items
  • Value added services such as bridal registries
  • Managing the customer contact details, promotional and discount notifications can managed via the system
  • More visibility of the product, its shelf life and any other important information can be tracked and traced
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