Inventory management with OCTO ERP

As your business grows, you will find it more difficult to keep track of your inventory. Inventory control books or spreadsheets will no longer be useful to track all your inventory which is an obvious part of your business.  

In order to address this requirement organizations need a well-functioning inventory management system that keep your inventory cost under control and drives towards positive cash flows.

OCTO ERP is a comprehensive software solution made integrating technologies. System works in line with barcodes and RFID which allows you to reliably rely on the stock count. It is simple yet powerful. A barcode sticker or RFID tag where all the product details are embedded in will be attached to your every single product. RFID/Barcode readers will then scan the tags and will retrieve information.

OCTO Inventory management system will provide insights to

  • Real time Stock levels
  • Shelf life
  • Performance of each product
  • Expiration alerts
  • Alerts on Re-order level
  • Reviews on selling rate
  • Defect identification

Talk to us on 0115 990501(Sri Lanka) or to get our modules for a better inventory control process and for a great organizational performance.

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