Stock control

In-depth information that helps you to make better decisions, sell smarter and to make your customers happy.

  • Know how much of each product you have
  • Product performance insights tells you the best and worst performing products
  • Know how soon your products are getting sold
  • Know before products run-out with stock level alerts

Shelf-life and expirations

Maximize profits and increase sales throughput by eliminating expirations and knowing which of your products sells fastest. Discover the trends as they occur.

  • Know how long products has been there
  • Know when and how many products will expire
  • Automated product expiration warning notifications
  • Insights for active product performance increase
  • Know before products run-out with stock level alerts

Great insights

Your data can tell a lot about your business and how to grow it rapidly. FX Hello is designed to capture these important data during your regular business activities without any special involvement or additional work and represent these information in a way that makes sense to you for better decision making.

  • How does your products perform. View individual performance or compare them with one another.
  • Is a product not worth having?
  • Is there a seasonal performance?
  • Know how your sales employees perform
  • Tools to up-sell, cross-sell, and scheduled selling

Barcodes and RFID

Automate data collection with RFID and Barcodes. Hello ERP supports both RFID and Barcode based production tracking out-of-the-box. Talk to our experts for implementation instructions and compatible equipment.

  • Count and track at various stages of production process
  • Supports high speed production lines
  • Easily attachable for conveyor belts
  • Support from experienced engineers
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