Making your customers feel special

Interact with your customers and keep them informed with minimal time investment. Followup on customer inquiries and product and/or service satisfactions. All of this done for you, automatically.

  • Followup on quotations and inquiries
  • Keep customers informed on product and event updates
  • Thank you messages on sales, inquiries and interactions
  • Address life-events of customers and staff

ROI in one click

Do you know how much of a return you have received from each of your marketing campaigns? Do you know if your recurring marketing campaign are actually worth it? Do you know your most and least performing campaigns? OCTO ERP gives detailed insights about your marketing campaigns to get the most out of your efforts.

  • Visualize the sales pipeline of a campaign
  • Know the exact value generated
  • Link customers with campaigns
  • Link sales and opportunities with campaigns
  • Manage expenses
  • Task list and task assignment

Derive more from your marketing campaigns!

Easy to your tools that brings you valuable in-depth analysis on your marketing campaigns that helps you to market your product/service better.

Track and manage manual campaigns

Do you attend expos, exhibitions, local sales events, etc.? You can now easily track the return of such manual marketing efforts easily.

  • Track sales and outcomes of manual campaigns
  • Know which customers were reached and converted
  • Investment vs Return
  • Compare campaigns and their performance
  • Product performance insights
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