Manage your contacts,leads, and customer information in a highly customizable, easy to use cloud business management system. Get in-depth data in one simple and easy to view screen.

Support Desk

Tools for you to provide great customer support. Automated replies, notifications, canned responses, internal notes, invoicing, QA, and so much more out of the box.


Opportunity management, online quotations and quotation negotiation, sales orders, work orders, sales and maintenance contracts, POS and warranty management.


Be on top of your cash flow with automated invoicing, due reminders, receivable insights, payables management, online invoicing and record management.

Human Resources

Employee records management, time sheets, reviews and appraisals, leave management and a bunch of other features to allow you to focus on the core business.


Manage your inventory with stock level information, low-product alerts, trend monitoring, shelf life stats and warnings for products that expire and much more.


Monitor your online and offline campaigns, extract valuable data, find-out what works and what hasn’t, and many tools to market your product better.

Asset Management

Detailed insights on to your business assets, custody records, transfer logs, RFID and barcode based tracking and tagging, depreciation value calculation, etc.


Complete solution for your logistics and supply chain management with barcoding and RFID. Control stock, receive, dispatch, transfer, expiry, and so much more.

Project Management

Production maximization through raw material allocation and preparation, capacity insights and analytics, detailed costing, challenge forecasting, etc.

Distribution Centers

Improve product re-distribution through external organizations with efficient order placement, management, and delivery with credit limit and period monitoring.


Automate and enhance your product distribution to customers/retailers with distribution planning, optimal route generations, delivery notes, dispatch logs.


Manage your suppliers, purchase orders, payments, and extract valuable data to keep your business a step ahead of your competition.

Project Management

Project and their task management, associating with tangible and human resources, asset allocation, budgeting and progress tracking and effective communications.


Define custom workflows to streamline your business operations and keep track of progress whether it’s just paperwork or product manufacturing.

Sales force

Improve sales, order efficiency, and customer service generated by your mobile sales force while streamlining, tracking, and geo-locating in real-time.

Fleet Management

Geo-locate and track your vehicles using GPS, and maintain trip logs, service records, drivers, and even external vehicle authorizations with minimal effort.

Learning Management

Conduct online courses as a school or conduct product training as a company with followup assessments, detailed reports, and online paid enrollments.


Make your sales fun for your customers and staff through gamification and rewards. Increase sales, customer interaction, and customer loyalty.


Easy to understand yet in-depth visualized reports that are filterable brings lets you see the critical data about your business with ease. Put your data to work.

Device Cloud

Automate, control, and monitor your devices and machinery/equipment that are located locally and at remote sites. Set alerts, conditional events and much more.

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