Multi-Dimensional product stock tracking

OCTO ERP now supports multi-dimensional product stock tracking with the capability to track and control your stock using one or more quantity parameters.

For an example, let’s say that you are a fabric vendor. You have multiple fabric roles, which will be represented as different products on OCTO ERP. You keep track of how much you have in inventory for the most part by the number of fabric-rolls, but your sell them by the length. So in this case, the products primary quantity will be used for the length, which is the billable quantity. A secondary quantity will be used as “pieces” which will keep track of the number of rolls.

You can configure the system to track the stock as:

  • The total quantity (billable quantity) (in the above case the length) of the product
  • The total quantity of each piece (each roll and it’s length are separately recorded)
  • Individual billable quantity (an example of this would be the sale of a mobile phone, where each item needs to be tracked individually)

RFID and Barcode tracking capabilities are built-in out of the box to be used with compatible hardware and the OCTO Supply Chain Management (SCM) application.

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