Raw material tracking with barcodes

About the client

The client is a manufacturing company which provides a range of products mainly producing umbrellas both local and foreign markets.The company focuses mainly on high quality, durability, safety and availability with the use of latest equipment, machinery and computer aided designs.

Drawbacks of the current process

  • Issues in transportation of raw materials
  • Hard to track the location of truck drivers
  • Discrepancies between transported and received stock
  • Not having proper records on issued stock
  • Inaccurate reports
  • Available stock amounts are uncertain
  • Difficulty in defect identification
  • Production compositions are inconsistent
  • Unreliability of data entry
  • Product details are being mixed up
  • Not having easy access for critical information


The company required a flexible and a configurable software that automates the business process with accurate and real-time information.

The client was introduced to OCTO Cloud ERP by Flatorb for Production, purchasing and warehouse modules where all the raw materials, production and finished goods are tracked using barcodes. In case of raw material tracking OCTO ERP barcoding is capable of tracking raw material inventory from the point of placing a purchase order to the point of issuing for production.

How the client benefits out of OCTO ERP

  • Saves time with automation
  • Tracking raw materials from purchasing to issuing for production
  • Tracking products individually and group wise
  • Identification of defects
  • Monitor the production progress
  • Reduces human errors
  • Reports display real time information
  • Enhance efficiency by reducing administrative cost

OCTO ERP by Flatorb addresses the exact requirement of the client and will come up with the best possible solution. Both the web application and the Supply chain management mobile applications make the tracking in manufacturing process more efficient and reliable providing clients the higher visibility to their production lines.

Talk to us on 0115 990501 or email us on contact@octoerp.com to find out more information.

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