Make it easy for your customers to choose you. Increase the chance of securing a sale by sending a quotation immediately. Send accurate and comprehensive quotations to your customers within seconds.

  • Easily create quotations and send them to customers
  • Alert your customers with SMS
  • Remind them to view your quotation if they’ve missed it
  • Customers can view, comment, and negotiate online
  • Track quotation history and progress
  • Convert quotations to sales orders or invoices

Followup automation

We believe following up with potential customers is the key to improve sales. OCTO ERP drastically reduce the time invested on this by automating the followup process.

  • Schedule automated follow-ups at pre-defined time intervals
  • Communicate via Email or SMS/Text Message
  • Record response and additional communications
  • Send communications automatically or upon your review

Sales orders

Making effective selling easy with automated compliance checking. Eliminate inaccuracies and order errors

  • Generate sales orders directly from quotations
  • Process orders based on customer credit limit and period availability
  • Manage sales order specific information and notes
  • Convert sales orders to invoices

Invoicing & Payments

Get paid faster with online invoicing. Allow your customers to pay online. Manage manual payments and follow-up on receivables.

  • Crete and send invoices
  • Allow your customers to pay online directly to you
  • Send payment reminders and followups automatically
  • Allow partial payments
  • Credit limit and period management
  • Detailed insights about your cash flow
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