Making it easy for your customers

Our non-complicated support desk system makes it easy for your customers to request support without getting frustrated.

  • A portal page to request support easily
  • Ability to select support category
  • Custom fields and file attachments
  • No need to create user accounts. An account will be created automatically for each unique email address
  • Keep the support request form on your website

Making it easy for your support staff

Providing support to your customers is not easy. If it is not properly organised your employees might miss certain important requests. Our system helps you to structure your support requests in such a way that your employees can effectively cater all the requirements and provide an excellent support service.

  • Identification of support tickets based on the time, priority etc
  • Support history
  • Authority delegation
  • Multiple assignees to one ticket
  • Filter, search tickets in an easy manner

Designed to provide great support

Happy customers return and recommend. Providing great support fast and efficiently when your customers need it, creates loyal customers. Our support desk system is designed with all the great tools you need to make that happen.

  • Easy access to all communications
  • Ability to comment, assign, set reminders
  • Ability to log in from anywhere anytime
  • No softwares to be downloaded
  • User friendly interfaces with the ability to customise accordingly

Happy Staff

Manage your co-workers efficiently and effectively. Balance off the work load among staff, monitor their performance, help them if they are stuck and speed up the response time, manage the support queue and contribute to the overall performance of the organisation.

  • Management of the support queue based on priority, low prority paid, free basis
  • Ability to categorise and group tickets based on requirement
  • Ability to assign tickets and monitor the responses
  • Reports on unsatisfactory support provided, number of tickets handled by each staff etc.
  • Ability to search any ticket
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