Receiving & GRN automation

Warehouse management module of OCTO ERP allows you to receive goods and document all goods receiving related transactions, such as goods receiving notes (GRN) and gate passes, with ease with automated workflows. You can use a purchase order to generate the GRN without having to enter the data again and agin. Here are some awesome features that makes your life easy when it comes to warehouse management and goods receiving:

  • Create a GRN directly from a purchase order without having to re-enter data
  • Automated stock adjustment with batch, expiry, etc., management
  • Mark damages and carryout rectification or discarding actions
  • Tag with barcode or RFID and uniquely track your inventory
  • Automated receive verifications with barcode and/or RFID
  • Put-away automation and planning

Pick and issue goods

Automate, streamline, and worry-free your picking and issuing processes with OCTO ERP. Just create your sales order or a picking list and automatically carry the data from one step to another to increase accuracy and efficiency.

  • Generate picking and packing lists from sales orders
  • Automated picking routes with product and quantity details, bin locations, etc.
  • Enforce FIFO, LIFO, and other conditions
  • Alerts to staff, management, and customers based on pre-defined conditions
  • Automated stock balancing and record generation

Stock put-away and transfers

Visualize your warehouse shelves and bins on our system which gives you the status of your warehouse in one screenshot. It displays the occupancy of your bins, allowing you to automate and optimize the storage of your goods and to carryout day-to-day operations with ease.

  • Visualized data depicting your shelves and bin locations
  • Automated put-away location suggestions
  • Bin transfers
  • Put-aways and bin-transfers record update automation with RFID and/or barcodes

Barcodes and RFID

Automate data collection with RFID and Barcodes. OCTO ERP supports both RFID and Barcode based tracking. Our expert engineers can assist you with implementation instructions, best practices, and compatible equipment.

  • Automated counting and verification at receiving, putting-away/storing, picking, and issuing
  • Perform stock audits faster with less human efforts and higher accuracy
  • Eliminate human errors
  • Employee performance related data gathering

Weigh-slips and gate passes

OCTO warehouse management and automation cloud platform allows you to add and manage gate-passes, weigh-slips, and other important documentation in one interconnected record keeping structure. Once you go in to a particular purchase or a sales order, you can view everything related to that in one screen or vise-versa.

  • Related data are always linked at every point and can move backwards and forwards on the records trail
  • Weigh-slips records purchase/sales order, vehicle number, driver information, in/out time, in/out weight, etc.
  • Gate-passes records purchase/sales order, vehicle number, driver information, goods that are being passed through, security check data, time, etc.
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