Do you know if you have enough raw material to manufacture X number of products or how many products you can make from what you have? With OCTO ERP it’s only 1 click.

  • Raw material stock monitoring and management
  • Reserve raw material to be used for a planned production
  • Analyze suppliers and re-order with purchase orders
  • Stock audits and discrepancy management

Production lines

Real-time data on your production and/or assembly lines.

  • Know production/assembly line speed
  • See how many has been produced in a specified time period
  • Order fulfillment data
  • Production capacity optimization insights

Automate Planning

Simply select the product and create a production order by defining the quantity you require to manufacture. The system does the rest from allocating raw-material to assigning workforce resources automatically.

  • Reserve raw-material
  • Calculate costs
  • Insights on wastage, feasibility, and challenges
  • Forecasting and order facilitation assistance

Barcodes and RFID

Automate data collection with RFID and Barcodes. OCTO ERP supports both RFID and Barcode based production tracking out-of-the-box. Talk to our experts for implementation instructions and compatible equipment.

  • Count and track at various stages of production process
  • Supports high speed production lines
  • Easily attachable for conveyor belts
  • Support from experienced engineers
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